Saturday, August 23, 2008

Orthwein Moves Brewers to St. Louis in 1901; Renames Them the Browns

The news obituary of James Busch Orthwein, former owner of the New England Patriots, correctly noted Mr. Orthwein's indispensible role in bringing the St. Louis Rams to town. You may be interested to know that James was not the first St. Louis Orthwein to own a pro franchise and bring one to St. Louis.

In 1901, Ralph H. Orthwein led a syndicate of wealthy business people that purchased the Milwaukee Brewers of the American League after the 1901 season and moved the baseball team to St. Louis and renamed them the Browns. The recently-deceased Mr. Orthwein was the first-cousin to Ralph Orthwein, once removed.

/s/ Emmett McAuliffe
Board, St. Louis Browns Fan Club

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