Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bill McClellan Says "Sometimes doing the obvious is best, even for geniuses"

Bill's column of April 8, 2009 includes a possible suggestion for the Cardinals.

In August 1951, Bill Veeck, who owned the St. Louis Browns, had a promotion called Grandstand Manager Day. Thousands of fans were given signs. On one side, the signs said "Yes," and on the other side, "No." As the game developed, Public Relations Director Bob Fischel would hold up cards - Steal, Bunt, Change Pitcher.

The fans facing the Browns dugout would vote. (The opposing team couldn't see the vote.) Fischel would relay the decision to manager Zack Taylor, who sat in a rocking chair, puffing at a pipe.

Newspaper accounts say the fans called a fine game. The Browns won 5-3 and broke a four-game losing streak.

That's a bit of St. Louis baseball history that probably gives LaRussa nightmares.

Thanks for the reminder, Bill. (Bill McClellan is a writer for the St. Louis Post Dispatch)

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