Monday, January 18, 2010

Interesting story about the 1947 Browns and Vern Stephens

Thanks to Dwayne Isgrig for this contribution.

The following is an excerpt from the St Louis Globe-Democrat, September 29, 1947. It is from "The Bench Warmer" column by Robert L. Burnes.

One of the nicest gestures of which we have heard in a long time is being turned by the Browns, who did not have too much to be happy about this baseball season.

But with the end of the season yesterday the Globe-Democrat’s Star of the Game contest came to a close and the Browns had a sizable sum of money coming to them.

Three months or so ago, however, when the contest was far from decided, the boys agreed to pool the money. There was only a brief discussion on the matter, but when it was put to a vote, the boys decided almost unanimously to put the money into a kitty.

What are they going to do with it? That’s the nice part of it.

They are purchasing a diamond-studded watch for that finest of trainers, Bob Bauman, and are presenting it to him with their compliments. As one of the boys put it, “He’s been taking care of us for years without any reward, and it’s about time we take care of him.”

To the hundreds of athletes around St. Louis who echo the words that Bob Bauman is the best trainer in the world, this is just about the nicest thing the Brownie players could do.

That isn’t all. They also are purchasing other watches for Whitey Zimmerman, Art Peters and Bauman’s son, Dick, who assist in the clubhouse with the equipment.

Whatever money is then left over will be given to the charitable organizations of the city.

The instigator of all this? One of the boys who might have carted away a nice piece of change. Also a boy who had a great fielding season and practically no one noticed it. Shortstop Vern Stephens. He was named spokesman for the group.

Attaboy, Vern!

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