Saturday, December 11, 2010

Major League Teams Who Have Changed Cities

Major League Baseball
  • 1902: Milwaukee Brewers became the St. Louis Browns.
  • 1903: Baltimore Orioles became the New York Highlanders and then the Yankees.
  • 1953: Boston Braves moved to Milwaukee; this was the first MLB relocation in 50 years.
  • 1954: St. Louis Browns moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles.
  • 1955: Philadelphia Athletics moved to Kansas City.
  • 1958: Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles; New York Giants moved to San Francisco. These were the first major league teams on the West Coast; the teams moved simultaneously to facilitate travel for other NL teams.
  • 1961: Washington Senators moved to the Twin Cities area and became the Minnesota Twins. Not wishing to alienate Washington and its powerful baseball fans, MLB granted the city a new franchise, also called the Senators.
  • 1966: Milwaukee Braves moved to Atlanta.
  • 1968: Kansas City Athletics moved to Oakland.
  • 1970: Seattle Pilots moved to Milwaukee and became the Brewers. The MLB would grant Seattle a new franchise in 1977.
  • 1972: Second Washington Senators moved to Arlington, Texas and became the Texas Rangers.
  • 2005: Montreal Expos moved to Washington, D.C. and became the Washington Nationals. The Expos had split time between Montreal and San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2003 and 2004. This was the first MLB relocation in 33 years

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