Friday, February 4, 2011

Best Player Born on Your Birthday

I found this interesting resource over at Wezen Ball: the best player statistically born on each day. This will allow fans to see what baseball luminaries share the same birthday. The top players are listed in order of WAR (Wins Above Replacement).

For January 26th, it’s a player named George Blaeholder, who predominantly pitched for the St. Louis Browns in the thirties.

Although Blaeholder had a career record of 104-125, his team averaged over 90 losses during his time in the big leagues. He won 15 games for St. Louis in 1933 when they lost 96 games. On May 21st, 1933 Blaeholder gave up Babe Ruth‘s 600th career homer. He was known to give up homers, surrendering 173 during his career, which included 13 by Lou Gehrig. Some also say he was one of the first pitchers to throw a slider.

One of the best days to share a birthday with a baseball player is...… January 31. Three Hall of Famers were born on that day: Jackie Robinson, Ernie Banks and Nolan Ryan.

Who is the best player on your birthday? Go check it out.

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