Monday, April 2, 2012

The Song: Brownie Pop Flies

Joe Pickering, Jr., songwriter

[Joe writes professional songs of all types with a focus on sports, sports heroes and novelty songs. Songs have been in HBO Film, major TV and Radio Networks, Song Lyrics in Major Sports Books and numerous newspapers. He has 4 CD's in the National Baseball Hall of Fame Sound Collection. Here’s Joe’s thoughts and comments on “Brownie Pop Flies.”] Ed.

Although the St. Louis Browns left Saint Louis over 60 years ago, the Fan Club holds in their hearts their magnificent memories of the team. Sadly, the Browns never won a world series in all the decades they played at Sportsman's Park. Nevertheless, their fans had many magical moments. This song is dedicated to the Saint Louis Browns Fan Club.

While the Browns tried hard, it was seldom good enough. The major offensive weapon in their arsenal was their thousands of pop flies which only led to more outs and lost games. Pop flies became a symbol of the Browns so much so that the Saint Louis Browns Fan Club's magazine is called "Pop Flies." From this I had the idea of creating the song Brownie Pop Flies which I hope will please the most tenacious of baseball fans, the St. Louis Browns Fan Club, and all of those who love baseball and good and true humor.

CMAA award winner and Hall of Famer, Danny Mack, is the singer and producer of the song. With guitar, bass, banjo, piano, special effects and his distinctive voice, Danny brings out the devotion for Browns in this song.

It is a wonderful fun song about one of the most beloved teams of the past which remains in the present and will continue into the future.  The Brownie Pop Flies were never enough, but like the Browns they were the right stuff!  v

Joe Pickering Jr., Songwriter, King of the Road Music. Music Publisher Owner of all rights, Danny Mack Singer and Producer C 2012

The song is now available on digital download from CD Baby and soon available on Apple I Tunes, Amazon, Napster, etc. You can order now from CD Baby at:

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"It tells the story of Pop Flies and the Browns Frustration over the years.  While the Browns had a losing record, they were not losers."

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