Monday, June 18, 2012

Browns Fans Stand the Test of Time

Adam Whitaker opened his car trunk and pulled out a large video camera. He handed a tripod to his 13-year-old brother, Nick, then headed to the door of the Holiday Inn in Sunset Hills.

The two brothers had driven from Springfield, Mo., to tape a documentary about Thursday's annual 2012 St. Louis Browns Luncheon. Whitaker, 29, a freelance filmmaker, wanted to know why a team that left St. Louis in 1954 still attracted more than 200 people.

"Actually, I'm a Cardinals fan myself," he said with a smile. "I think this is really interesting, though. Browns fans are pretty passionate."

Logically, the Browns, or "Brownies," should not inspire much loyalty. From 1902 to 1953, the cash-strapped team had a collective record of 3,414 wins and 4,465 losses. It won one pennant in 1944, only to lose to the Cardinals in the World Series. Then, the franchise moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles.
Pictured above L-R is Bill Rogers, President of the St. Louis Browns Fan Club with Ned Garver, pitcher for the Browns from 1948-1952.

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