Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Election-Year World Series Trivia Quiz

       Every four years the US presidential election and the baseball season reach a crescendo at roughly the same time.    See if you can answer these baseball election-year trivia questions without checking a source.  (All questions include the World Series that took place between the American Association of the National League from 1884 through 1890).  This quiz will test both your baseball knowledge and your knowledge of US politics and the Constitution!

  1. Which team has the most World Series wins in a presidential election year?  How many??
  2. Excluding defunct franchises, which teams have *only* won the World Series during a election year? (Hint: They've both won it twice).
  3. Which of the original 16 teams of modern era major league baseball has never played in a World Series in an election year?
  4. Name the one original 8 National League team and the one original 8 American League team that has lost every time it has played a World Series during an election year.
  5. Excluding Canadian teams (which aren't governed by the US elections) which expansion teams have won a World Series title in an election year?
  6. Which team has lost the most election year World Series?
  7. The San Francisco Giants won the World Series this year. When was the last time the Giants won a World Series during a presidential election year?
  8. On four occasions, the winner of the World Series and the winner of the presidential election were from the same state.    Name the years and the candidates/teams.

EXTRA CREDIT:  In what year or years did teams named "St. Louis Browns"  compete in an election year World Series?

Email your answers below.  Your name will appear in this blog, if you're the first one to get all the correct answers.

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