Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Browns Players/Fan Reunion Luncheon 2014

If you didn't make it to the Browns Fan Club annual luncheon, here are some of the people and activities you missed.

Bud Thomas (L), Bill Rogers

J.W. Porter (L), Ed Mickelson (R)

Bud Thomas

Roy Sievers

Club Member, Denise Rivlin (L), Zee Porter (R)

J.W. Porter

Emmett McAuliffe

Ed Mickelson (L), Bud Thomas (R)

J.W. Porter

(L-R) Fan Club Directors,  Emmett McAuliffe & Bill Borst; Harmony Lineback, Member;
Vicki Martin, Director; Bill Rogers, President

Dave Heller, Author, "As Good As It Got"

Emmett McAuliffe (L), Bill Rogers (R)

Player Panel Discussion, Mickelson, Thomas, Porter, Sievers

Emmett McAuliffe (L), Bud Thomas (R)

Bud and Janet Thomas

Mary and Ed Mickelson

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