Thursday, July 13, 2017

Orioles at the All-Star Break. Record: 42-46

I hope you have been enjoying our little Baltimore Orioles latest scores/standings widget on the side of this website.

Since it is the All-Star break I thought I would check in with a few Baltimore journos to see how they assess the second-half chances.

Just looking at the record, 42-46, it's only a game different from the St. Louis Cardinals. Yet there is a world of difference between their two chances for the second half.  The Cardinals go into the break winning six of the last 10, whereas the Orioles lost seven of 10. And the big difference is in their respective divisions.  The Orioles are seven and 1/2 games out and must vault over three teams.  The Cardinals are five and half back and are in second place (tied).

One jurno is actually saying that they should rip-up and rebuild the 2010's powerhhouse that gave Baltimore their first taste of postseason in 15 years and has gone to the dance three of the last five years!  What do you think should be done?Actually I might drive out this weekend talk to Ed Mickelson and see what he thinks should be done to his former team's lineup to cure their woes.


  1. Well...they obviously don't think they need anything, as they very surprisingly stood pat at the trade deadline. The obvious need is pitching, and you have to think that Adam Jones is about to go into offensive spiral due to age. Deal him...and gauge how much Machado wants to stay with you as well.

    1. at seasons end, the need is more urgent isn't it Ken?