Sunday, July 11, 2010

If The Browns had Stayed in STL, Herzog may Have Been a Brownie

The Hall of Fame induction weekend (7/23/10) is the busiest time of year, and hotel rooms and restaurant tables are booked well in advance. The Hall of Fame's exhibits honoring this year's inductees include a cap from Herzog's 1,000th managerial win, a uniform he wore when he managed the Cardinals, an Orioles uniform that he wore as a player and the scouting card he created on fellow inductee Andre Dawson when he played for Montreal.

"St. Louis baseball has had such a long and rich history that the number of artifacts we have from the teams who play(ed) there are staggering," said Hall of Fame president Jeff Idelson.

Among his favorites are Bob Gibson's glove from 1968, 'since his dominance led to the change in the height of the mound"; the glove of one-armed Pete Gray of the St. Louis Browns, 'showing baseball is truly an equal-opportunity employer"; Cool Papa Bell's sunglasses and St. Louis Stars cap, "as they take us straight back to the Negro leagues and speak to James' coolness"; and Stan Musial's locker, 'since Stan is The Man."

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