Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Member of Brownie Fan Club Remembers the '64 Cardinals World Series

1964 World Series!
Marvin Herskowitz, Hicksville, NY

During the 1964 series, I was having breakfast at the Commodore Hotel with, at that time, Bo Milliken, pitching coach of the Saint Louis Cardinals. The tables were inches apart as I overheard the Cardinal manager and coaches debating which pitcher they would throw that afternoon. It was crucial that they win the fourth game of the series as the Yankees were leading 2-1.

I mentioned to Bo that for some reason the Yankees always had trouble with a certain type of pitcher. I explained further that such as Mike Fornieles and Lew Burdette were thorns to the Yankees. The latter never enjoyed facing an unorthodox pitcher. "Bo, the Cardinals have a pitcher who throws with an unorthodox delivery. The Cardinals hardly use him and his career is ending...but he could beat the Yankees!" Yankee manager Johnny Keane leaned over and asked, "Who do you mean?" "Roger Craig."

The Cardinals started Ray Sadecki and although he won the first World Series game against the Yankees...Bo was ordered that on Sadecki's first pitch...he was to start warming Roger Craig up in the bullplen.

Sadecki allowed three runs without retiring a single Yankee . . . as Roger Craig was beckoned to the mound. The Yankees could only muster two hits off Roger who became the winning pitcher. Roger Craig's career with the Cardinals ended in 1964!

Marvin Herskowitz (aka playwright Mark Weston)

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