Friday, May 14, 2010

Photo Album Available from 2009 Reunion Dinner

Now on-line. Photos of the 2009 Fan Club Reunion.  Click here to download a pdf file of photos.

St. Louis Browns Under 12 Team

The Under 12 St. Louis Browns is a top team in the Affton gold select league. In addition to league play, we play in six to seven tournaments a year. We are a strong team and we are looking for an additional player to sub with us for the remainder of this season and join us next year.

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Please contact Rachel Burns, or 314-406-0765 for more information. If you want to check out our team site see

Eddie Plank Baseballs Most Consistent Pitcher

Born in the early 20th century Edward Stewart Plank also known as “Gettysburg Eddie” played in the Major Leagues (MLB). Although history states that Eddie Plank attended and graduated from Gettysburg College, records show that Eddie just played for the Gettysburg College baseball team.

Eddie made his fist major league debut at age 25 on May 13, 1901, for the Philadelphia Athletics where he would play for thirteen years as a pitcher. His major league career consisted of winning over 20 games seven times and contributing to two World Series championships, one in 1911, the other in 1913. Plank was known as one of the most consistent pitchers of his time.

In 1915 Plank joined the St. Louis Terriers of the Federal League, he won 21 games, the eighth and final time he would reach the twentieth win plateau. His final team before retiring was the St. Louis Browns where he played in 1916 and 1917. Eddie was inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame in 1946.

In today’s memorabilia market the T206 Eddie Plank is the third most valuable baseball card in the hobby. It ranks behind only the 1933 Goudey Lajoie and the T206 Wagner. It seems that most of the rarities in the hobby have a story to explain the card’s scarcity. The T206 Plank is no exception.

Eddie Plank’s pitching capabilities are often times overlooked in our hobby because of the legend of his T206 card. Plank was one of the most dominant pitchers of his time and is a first rate Hall of Famer. Hall of Fame collectors would love to add this specific Plank card to their collection. It is also at the top of any collector’s list that is seeking our hobby’s ultra rarities. The Plank is a super card. Not only is the card a rarity from the popular T206 set, but it pictures one of the greatest left-handed pitchers ever to play the game.

A New Book on Major League Baseball's First Female Owner

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sportsman's Park - Field of Dreams

FIELD OF DREAMS: Jimmy Palermo grew up across the street from Sportsman's Park (circled above), the host to more Major League baseball games than any ballpark in history. Sportsman's park opened in 1902 and housed both the Cardinals and Browns for 34 years, 1920 - 1953.