Monday, May 19, 2014

Browns Fan Club Shows Up in Springfield.

Saturday, May 17 was opening day for the Springfield Missouri Metro Baseball League. On hand were former players Phil Gagliano and Jerry Buchek from the 1964 Cardinals along with Diego Segui and Jay Hankins from the KC Athletics. Also joining the group was Bud Thomas from the St. Louis Browns. Browns Fan Club President said the welcome Bud got was the longest and the loudest applause from the fans.

Bill Rogers, President of the Browns Fan Club and Jim Jay from the Kansas City Baseball Historical Society were also in attendance. Congratulations to all.
Springfield Metro Baseball Director, Rob Ginocchio, said, "The important thing is we are trying to make it fun. This year we are trying to teach them history at the same time, by using the old time uniforms and using wooden bats only and some different things."

The teams wore retro uniforms representing the Browns, Cardinals and other teams. Rogers said, "I must have had 40 boys in various uniforms shake my hand thanking me and the Browns for being there on their opening day. I never felt as proud. It was a great event and being a part of it.

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