Monday, February 8, 2010

Easy Fitness Video: Getting an Old Ballplayer Back in Shape

Getting an old time ballplayer back in shape in the latter years of life requires patience, understanding of the physical and mental limitations of the individual and, among other traits, a caring heart. In my 14+ years of training others, I've learned that the mature adult is among the most appreciative of all age groups. This may be because of their wisdom, perspective or their unending desire to remain independent . . . and to throw that baseball with distance and accuracy.

With the help of physicians I developed a senior fitness training program that's superior to any other product on the market. You would be hard pressed to find a program designed specifically to address elderly fitness requirements while keeping safety the highest priority. This "frame friendly" no impact exercise regimen will help improve flexibility, balance, strength, posture and cardiovascular health. Plus help to ease daily tasks and add years to your life.  (Click on photo to enlarge)

I incorporated this senior fitness regimen into an 30 minute video called "Easy Does It!" Safety, results and quality of life is what you're getting. Order now and keep watching for intermediate and advanced versions. Just click on

"Easy Does It! Getting Started" for seniors aged 65 and up, and "Easy Does It! Staying Active, Staying Fit" for ages 55 and up.

Satchel Paige allowed a grand slam or two.

Jun 11, 1952 - At Fenway Park‚ Bosox catcher Sammy White clouts a 9th inning grand slam with one out to defeat the Brown's Satchel Paige‚ 11-9.

Paige (5-2) takes a 9-5 lead into the 9th. White completes his home run trot by rounding 3B and crawling from half way home and kissing the plate.

Another rookie provides entertainment to start the inning as Piersall‚ leading off‚ announces to Paige that he is going to bunt. He does just that and beats Paige to 1B‚ where upon he starts mirroring Satchel's moves and yelling "oink‚ oink‚ oink." Evers beats out an infield hit and Piersall continues his antics at 2B.

A now distracted and annoyed Paige walks Kell‚ and one out later‚ forces in a run by walking Goodman. A single by Lepcio sets up White's slam. After the game‚ Browns Clint Courtney opines‚ 'I believe that man is plumb crazy. Yeah‚ he's nuts altogether. I never saw a man do those things. Anywhere."