Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The St. Louis Browns Are on the Air

We often get inquiries if there are any radio or video of Browns baseball games available. We’re certain there are some out there but are pretty rare.

We came across a site offering a number of radio broadcasts of baseball games to include one game of the St. Louis Browns playing the Chicago White Sox. The game is from July 1, 1953 and is broadcast by the Mutual Network. (Sorry, no Browns announcers).

The programs are only available on cassette tape and cost $13.95 - $14.95. The program runs about 2.5 hours. The home page with all the details is at: http://www.baseballtapes.com/Home . The page listing all the ballgames is at: http://www.baseballtapes.com/baseball-game-page--1

You’ll hear name like Littlefield, Sievers, Hunter, Moss, Martin, Lenhardt and others. Enjoy.

St. Louis Brown Stockings Continue the History

So you know, there's a new vintage base ball club in St. Louis, too. They are under the same umbrella organization as the St. Louis Perfectos & Lafayette Square Cyclones. They are called the St. Louis Brown Stockings. Check out their schedule, photos, box scores and lots more at: http://www.tiptopworks.com/brownstockings.

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