Friday, October 25, 2013

Pop Flies Part of Missouri History Museum Library

Pop Flies now has a permanent home in the Missouri History Museum Library. The library is located at 250 Skinker Blvd. across the street from Forest Park in St. Louis. 

The Library has extensive materials related to St. Louis history, Missouri history, the history of the American West, genealogy and family history, neighborhood histories, urban history, Native American ethnology, letters, diaries, and works by St. Louis authors. The Library houses more than 90,000 cataloged volumes, pamphlets, and periodicals.

The Photographs and Prints Collection consists of more than 600,000 images, with more than 600 daguerreotypes made by Thomas Easterly between 1840 and 1880 that document the development of St. Louis and its early residents.

The Broadcast Media Collection contains more than 10,000 videotapes and 5,000 reels of film that document early St. Louis radio and television.

The Objects Collection contains more than 160,000 items that include more than 10,000 items of historic clothing and textiles.

Pop Flies will be a part of the archives for permanent retention and available as a part of St. Louis baseball history.