Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Modest Proposal for St. Louis: Speak of 'St. Louis' Records, not 'Franchise' Records

I would like to see Cardinals' and Browns' records be essentially combined to determine "all St. Louis" all-time leaders.  The Orioles do not in most cases include Browns records in franchise records.  My logic is: if an exploit was committed by a Brownie or committed by a Cardinal, St. Louis fans will have seen both.  So why not include both?

Thus, statistics such as this, which include 1880s St. Louis Brown stockings records, which the Cardinals do not even acknowledge as being a contiguous franchise (all the hats say "Establish 1892"), why not include the American League Browns?

So, I will start.
Q: Who is the all-time St. Louis leader for hits in a season?
A: George Sisler, 1920, 257.