Monday, June 6, 2011

Unsolved Mystery: Does This Cap Belong to the St. Louis Browns?

Have you seen this cap somewhere before? Does it belong to the St. Louis Browns or some other team starting with the letter "B"?

We could make some wild hypotheses.

 Number one, the B looks like a Boston B and it could be a "parody" hat about how so many browns were shipped off to Boston after they became valuable. But of course they were not real big into parody back in the 1940s.

Number two, it could be a transition Browns to Orioles hat in that the B stands for Baltimore. Again, why they would bother to produce that in the off-season between 53 and 54 is illogical in itself.

Number three, it could be a modern version of a 19th Century St. Louis Browns Cap.

If you can identify the source of the cap, let us know. Send to

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A Colorful Browns Team

The 1929 Browns were a colorful team, moreso than the brown and orange of their uniforms. They included:

Red Kress

Lu Blue

Sam Gray

Blackie O'Rourke