Monday, December 20, 2010

How Can This be a Game Worn Cap from 1952?

A Browns Fan Club member writes . . . .

"In case I'm crazy - no idea how this could be a game worn 1952 Ned Garver cap since it has a tag with a ZIP code on it...ZIP codes didn't happen till the mid-60s.  Caveat emptor!"

eBay's Description:

VERY rare vintage 1952 Browns "KM Pro" professional cap issued to Brownies' All-Star ace Ned Garver during the '52 season. Classic, absolutely authentic vintage hat features classic "St L" interlocking logo embroidered on front with orange top button. Near mint, in gorgeous original condition with original KM shipping/storage insert, stating "This Is A Major League Cap." Displays all correct interior tagging with manufacturer's tag sewn in band and company logo and size ["6-3/4"] stamped to right.

The team switched to this all-chocolate brown (panels & bill) style in 1952, and wore it until the move to Baltimore in '54. Garver was traded to the Tigers mid-season in 1952. Purchased through auction of Garver's memorabilia in the late-90's. He provided additional provenance in the form of a beautiful autograph markerd under brim.

This is an extremely scarce Browns cap and likely, the finest known. A tremendous display and representation of era, player and defunct team. This is a tough one to let go of. You will never find a nicer specimen!

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