Friday, April 17, 2009

Browns Fan, Bob Raith, Remembers

From Bob Raith, Longview, TX

When I was real young, I lived one block east of Grand Ave. on Hebert St. near the ballpark. I lived with my grandmother and she ran a boarding house. Some of the browns lived at our home when they were in town. The room rate at the time was on $7 per week. They would keep the rooms for the season. The years were in the late 1930s.

Enclosed is an attachment with the autographs of some of the Browns. My mother was able to get these at the time they were staying at our home. At that time, Gabby Street was the manager. I thought this would be of interest to you and some of the other fans.

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Bob would like to get a photo of the Browns 1938 team to go with the autographs. If any fan club member can locate one, please send a copy to us at We'll post it here for all to share and forward it on to Bob Raith.

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