Friday, July 31, 2009

Saints and TOPPS to Induct Former Browns Scout into Scouts Hall of Fame

The hard work of a baseball scout is often overlooked.

Few may realize that the gentlemen critiquing the swing of a prospect in Tampa, aiming a radar gun at a fastball in Cape Cod or noting the fine footwork of a youngster at a high school game in a tiny town are the backbone of any Major League organization. On August 6, the St. Paul Saints will induct Tom Greenwade of the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Yankees into the TOPPS Professional Baseball Scouts Hall of Fame.

Greenwade, who passed away in 1986, is best remembered for signing Mickey Mantle and later Bobby Murcer. He joined the Yankees organization in 1949 and was instrumental in building the clubs dynasty through the 1960s. He also gave Branch Rickey the definitive scouting report that made him decide that Jackie Robinson was the player best suited to integrate the Major Leagues.

Born on August 21, 1904, Greenwade, was a lifelong resident of Willard, Missouri. After a career as a. minor league pitcher and manager, he turned to scouting and became the most successful scout in the history of baseball. He got his start scouting with the St. Louis Browns in 1941. He found time to serve as a civic leader, farmer and banker.

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