Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Win Streak After 40-Games Under

Has any team in baseball, before the 2009 Nationals, ever reached the 90-game mark with a winning percentage under .300 and then managed a winning streak of eight games or longer?

Four teams in baseball history -- so long as we're including the cotton gin era here -- have amassed Win streaks of eight or more after hitting the 40-games-under mark.

In order...

1890 Cleveland Spiders, 10 games, Sept. 13-23. They were 32-82-3 when streak began.

2009 Washington Nationals, 8 games, Aug. 2-. They were 32-72 when streak began.

1907 St. Louis Cardinals, 8 games, Aug. 8-16. They were 23-78 when streak began.

1950 St. Louis Browns, 8 games, Sept. 7-14. They were 44-86 when streak began.

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