Monday, January 25, 2010

Yogi Chases a Monkey, Compliments of Jeff Heath of the Browns

Being a major-league prospect at age 16, I was invited to work out with a number of teams at Yankee Stadium. One day in July of 1947, I was told by then St. Louis Browns right-fielder, Jeff Heath, to remove my uniform belt which he then looped and placed around my neck like a leash. He led toward the Yankee dugout.

“Kid, you see that guy? Well, when we get to him I want you to act like a monkey!” Heath had arms like a blacksmith. If he asked me to act like a monkey, I acted like a monkey. “Ooh ooh ooh,” I squealed, while scratching my chest. Heath laughed as I was chased by Yogi Berra. I kept yelling and pointing: “Heath . . . Jeff Heath made me do it!” (Click on Photo to Enlarge)

The chase was over when I retreated down the dugout steps and into the dark hallway leading to the visitor’s locker room.

Thanks to Mark Weston, Hicksville, NY, that 16 year old kid.

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