Thursday, April 22, 2010

Browns Uniform Is A Costume Hit

From Browns fan - Alan Hiles

Hope you like the uniform. It is not an old one. Here in the town I live in there is a Historical re-enactment weekend every September. I have a collection of antique pocket watches that I wanted to display. The requirements for exhibitors was that they had to have some sort of "period" costume. The first year I just had a white shirt, black pants, overcoat and a derby.

The next year I got the idea to make a vintage baseball uniform. Of course being a fan of St Louis, especially the Browns, I worked up a late forties number. It was pretty crude, but was a hit. Things took off from there.

I have several Browns uniforms along with Cardinals. A couple of years ago I branched out to other teams. Mostly trying to find odd ones to show what some of the crazy things they used to do. I think the 1939 one is my favorite, though! 

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  1. Thanks for including me in your blog! It is a "hoot" working on these old uniforms as well as getting to "fantasize" a little. I am working on a 1927 Cards uniform now for this fall. It is unique in that it is the last uniform allowed to use the words"World Champions" anywhere on it. I also have 1903-4 and 1909-10 Browns uniforms. They don't pass muster up close, but seem to look OK from 10 feet away!