Sunday, February 6, 2011

Attorney Rips off STL Browns Historical Society

The St. Louis Browns Historical Society in St. Louis, Missouri says a Skokie, Illinois attorney, Irving Funk, ripped them off. The Society says Mr. Funk purchased a replica St. Louis Browns baseball jersey from them, but has now refused to pay or return the merchandise. Society President, Bill Rogers, said the jersey was purchased through their website which included photos of the product. Funk said the jersey delivered was “not as advertised.”

“We’ve sold a number of these Jerseys and have not had a single complaint. Mr. Funk sent us threatening e-mails from the very start. He rejected the billing on his credit card and has refused to return the merchandise,” according to Rogers. “We’re willing to take it back but we’re being ripped off.”

You can see the replica jersey in question at

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