Thursday, July 11, 2013

Browns Pitcher Puts out Fire

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Well Supported by His Teammates
He Shuts It Out Before Alarm Strikes

Special to the Post-Dispatch

WASHINGTON, July 11 [1908]—Rube Waddell figured in another bit of heroism this evening, just after the Browns had returned from the ball grounds where they were beaten by the Senators.

The boys were dressing on the fifth floor of the Arlington Hotel, when they heard the cry of “fire” from the street below.

Waddell rushed to the window. Smoke was pouring out. The awnings on the windows just below his room were in flames. For an instant he disappeared. A crowd was already gathered in the street below, but no one had turned in a fire status.

Then Rube appeared at the window. In each hand he carried a big pitcher of water. Leaning out of the window, and, avoiding as best he could the smoke from the fire, he poured the contents of the two pitchers on the flames.

The other boys brought more water, and in five minutes Rube had put out the fire and was cheered by the crowd below, nearly everyone of whom recognized the great pitcher of the Browns team.

The attendants did not know of the fire until it had been put out. It probably started when someone threw a lighted match out of the window above.

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