Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Reservations for Browns Player/Fan Lunch Reunion - Sept. 26 SOLD OUT

Reservations SOLD OUT.
Don Larsen

Had you reserved early, you would have met Don Larsen, former Browns pitcher and the only perfect game pitcher in World Series history.

You can still purchase a duplicate replica scorecard of the August 19, 1951 game between the Browns and the Detroit Tigers. This is when  Eddie Gaedel at 3' 7" stepped up to the plate to make history which is still talked about 60 years later.

The scorecard is indeed a collectors item. Check out the memories in this card. Identify two Browns players who are still around. Check out how many breweries advertised. Look up the hotels where the ballplayers stayed when traveling.  Check out the cost to buy this scorecard in 1951. And identify the Browns coach who went on to a successful career in show business.

The collectors scorecard is available by sending a check for $10 to the St. Louis Browns Fan Club, PO Box 510047, St. Louis, MO 63151.  This includes all shipping and handling.

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  1. Please note the hotel will provide a shuttle from the parking lot to the front door.