Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bobo Holloman Pitches No-Hitter in First Major League Game

Bobo Holloman played for one season in the American League with the St. Louis Browns in 1953. In 22 career games, Holloman pitched 65.1 innings and posted a win-loss record of 3–7 and a 5.23 earned run average (ERA).

Bobo Holloman 

Holloman served in World War II before starting his professional baseball career. From 1946 to 1952, he gradually rose up the minor leagues, and got a spring training invitation from the Chicago Cubs in 1950. After the 1952 season, he was signed by the St. Louis Browns, who played him on the major league roster. He made his debut April 18, and in his first start on May 6, he threw a no-hitter, one of two players to do so in his first start. Holloman played in 22 games that season for the Browns before being released. He spent the rest of 1953 and 1954 in the minor leagues before retiring from the game. (Click on all photos to enlarge)

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  1. In over 120 seasons of professional baseball played at Sportsman's Park, Bobo's was only the fifth ... and last .. no-hitter pitched by the home team (either Cardinals or Browns). It was the only no-hitter ever pitched after Sportsman's was renamed Busch Stadium (1953-1966).