Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Made Pitching Debut Under Rogers Hornsby, Where Is He Now?

Oh Where Have You Gone, Hal Hudson?

Although Yankees fans sing, "Oh Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio?", we here at the St. Louis Browns Fan Club sing, "Oh Where Have You Gone Hal Hudson?".  

That's because we only have 23 living St. Louis Brownies, and he is one of 'em.  But the St. Louis Browns Fan Club has been holding players reunions almost annually since the formation of the club in 1984, and none of the old-timers ever remember Hal showing up.

What was it like being called up as a rookie from Toronto and being sent in to pitch by the great St. Louis Cardinals and Browns Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby?  And what was it like working for two of the most famous "showmen" owners, Bill Veeck and Maple Leafs' owner Jack Kent Cooke (later of NFL, NBA and NHL fame)?  

Inquiring Brownie fans want to know. So if you are reading this, and you know Mr. Hudson, please ask him to get in touch.  Our generous club members will defray his expenses if he flies in for our annual Reunion Luncheon September 18 at the Sheraton Chalet in Westport.

23 players left!  That is not even enough for a 25-man roster anymore.


  1. According to Harvey Meiselman who publishes addresses for all sports, Hal Hudson's address is 7548 S US Highway 1, Port St Lucie, FL 34952-1450..

  2. Thanks Fraque. Our board member Bill Rogers heard from Hal concerning our invitation to Hal to attend our annual players fans Reunion luncheon. This is what Hal wrote: "“I am unable to attend the luncheon. So sorry to say no to such a great offer but due to recent back surgery, I am unable to travel. Don’t forget me and thanks again . . . Hal Hudson”