Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Browns Exhibit to Undergo a Move with Renovation of Scottrade Center

What will be done to Scottrade? Walls behind concession stands will be cleared out to allow for a view of the ice, the team store will be beefed up, and... and this may be the nicest part... there will be an outdoor biergarten that may very well be open year round on Clark. If Clark wants to become main street for St. Louis sports any more so than it already is, this'll help.

Taxpayer funds being spent on sports stadiums is a hot button topic, and them being

spent on building new stadiums for teams that can damn well afford it is a waste. Scottrade, however, is city owned and its bonds are paid off. The Blues can't afford $160 million worth of renovations, and since it's not their building (they do manage it) it's not technically their responsibility. Renovations could bring a ton of new events to downtown St. Louis and the neighboring hotels and establishments. Could it be a wash?

Yes. Is it better than plunking down over a billion or so bucks for a football stadium along the north riverfront? Probably so.

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