Friday, July 22, 2016

Achieving Baseball Immortality

Don Larsen and Eddie Gaedel have a couple of things in common: they both played for the St. Louis Browns, and they both achieved baseball immortality because of their participation in a single game -  Eddie with his pinch hitter appearance in St. Louis, and Don with his unparalleled World Series performance.

"A perfect night to remember the St. Louis Browns" would be a perfect theme for the evening of
September 9, 2016, when Eddie Gaedel's short career (which culminated in his recording a perfect lifetime on-base percentage!) is being recognized through the release of 30,000 bobbleheads.

It marks the 65th anniversary of the only 65 pound player in MLB history, and it occurred right here in St. Louis as part of a desperate attempt by Bill Veeck to save the team. The event will, hopefully, also direct some attention to a 9 year old kid named Billy who "loaned Eddie Gaedel the shirt off his back" to make baseball history, and went on to become owner of the St. Louis Cardinals as part of one family's three generation commitment to Major League Baseball in St. Louis.

Don Larsen should be included in all this. I think a serious effort needs to be directed toward weaving the Don Larsen appearance into this narrative, rather than have it occupy a parallel track on an unrelated and disconnected story line that weekend, where it could become a distraction from a long planned event honoring the "littlest Brownie of them all."

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From what I have read, Larsen's largely unremarkable career, both in St. Louis and afterwards, was totally and rightfully obscured by a perfect, one-day date with destiny in the World Series, in a Yankee uniform, that  guaranteed his immortality. One game, lasting fame: just like Eddie Gaedel!

Mark your calendar for the weekend of Friday, September 9. You can join the Browns Fan Club for special seating and a great discount ticket offer to see the Cardinals host the Brewers.

It’s Eddie Gaedel Bobblehead Night at Busch Stadium for the first 30,000 fans entering with a ticket.  You can purchase a ticket today for the Right Field Loge seats for just $25 each.

To purchase these exclusive tickets, visit or call 314-345-9000.  The deadline to purchase is August 9th.

Watch for more details on how, when and where you can meet Don Larsen over the September 9 weekend. 

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