Monday, July 16, 2018

Tom Jordan Live in St. Louis! And a Rogers Hornsby story.

98-y.o. Browns catcher Tom Jordan, the second-oldest living major league baseball player.  With my son and his friend. In the Rogers Hornsby Room at Busch Stadium, July 13.

Rogers Hornsby is significant because of a story Tom told me. It was spring training with the White Sox in 1946. The coaches were Mule Hass and Rogers Hornsby. Tom’s roommate was Dario Lodigiani. Dario told Tom that he overheard the two coaches talking. Hass told Hornsby, “I think I’m going to work with Jordan on his stance today. Hornsby told Hass, “There’s nothing wrong with that boy’s stance. Leave it alone!”.

[Jordan had hit .350 his previous season splitting time between the White Sox, Milwaukee and Kansas City].

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