Friday, December 26, 2008

Order the Official Voice of the St. Louis Browns Today

Subscribe Today to Pop Flies . . . the official voice of the St. Louis Browns.

We need your help to preserve the history and memory of the St. Louis Browns.

Give a donation and subscribe to "Pop Flies" with membership in the St. Louis Browns Historical Society. Help preserve a critical part of St. Louis sports history. Order today to receive the Fall 2008 issue PLUS the Spring and Fall 2009 issues.

The current issue is loaded with dozen of short articles about Babe Ruth’s playing days against the St. Louis Browns in the 20 page issue.

You can order and pay on-line by clicking on the BUY NOW button in the upper right hand corner of this website. Your donation of $25 will have the current issue in the mail to you usually within 24 hours.

Here are a few featured items in the current newsletter.

* Babe Ruth's Last Visit to Sportsman's Park - 60 Years Ago this year

* Babe Ruth and the St. Louis Browns

* Babe Martin, Last of the Pennant Winning 1944 St. Louis Browns

* Fan's Memories of the Browns

* Browns Speakers Bureau Now Available

* Feats Exclusive to the Browns

* Brownie Trivia

* The Good Old Days of Baseball

* The Day the Trolleys Stopped . . . and a lot more.

Look for our announcement due out soon about the Spring 2009 Luncheon. We will be honoring Babe Martin as the last surviving member of the 1944 Browns. A number for former Browns players will be on hand. The exact date is April 28, 2009.

Mark your calendar.

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