Monday, June 14, 2010

The 10 MLB Feats We Will Never See Again

#1 - A Perfect Game in the World Series (From a x-Brownie)
by Ray Tannock

Throughout each and every MLB season, the discussion always seems to arise over the next great feat to be achieved by a single player.

These feats are also—more often than not—indelible marks in the record books that sometimes seem unbreakable.

But within the mix of these conversations are also discussions about giant feats in baseball that will NEVER happen again, and I put together a top 10 list highlighting some of these feats.

I realize in sports that anything is possible, and you may find one or two here that almost happened, but most of you should agree that this list is basically a collection of feats that we will never see again.

You can read the other 9, but here is the #1 feat that will never happen again.

1. A Perfect Game in the World Series

Pitching in any regular season is one thing to have to deal with. Pitching in a World Series is a whole different beast to burden.

So when we think of things like a complete game, a no hitter, or even a perfect game in a World Series, the chances of that happening again are slim to none, with emphasis on the none.

I know anything is possible in sports, but the level of intensity handcuffed to the World Series is monumental; the pressure to keep your team in a series competition—whether you are up three games to none, or down three games to none—is unimaginable.

With so much mental baggage loaded on the plane so to speak, pitching a perfect game in a World Series will probably never happen again. Pitchers will rarely even get a fighting chance, let alone achieve such a feat.

The last individual to do so was Don Larsen’s perfect game in Game Five of the 1956 World Series. It has never been achieved since.

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